Can you truly become a better novelist through “hot sex chat”?

You might be thinking to yourself, “What the hell does hot adult live chat sessions with writing the great American novel?” Well, believe it or not, it has everything to do with it because engaging in this kind of chat is engaging in communication. Sure, a lot of people have lots of giggles about it and they think it’s dirty or freaky, but it’s still communication.

Whenever you’re dealing with any kind of human communication, you have to remember that you are dealing with both obvious and not so obvious signals. You’re dealing with reality on two different levels, the conscious and the not so conscious.

If you are a great novelist, you get all these. You pay attention to all these signals and you recreate it in your work. You see, great novels aren’t obvious, not by a long shot. They may be telling a story that is basic, predictable, and easy to get at some level, but they go beyond that. That’s why works by Leo Tolstoy are still resonating to this very day. This is why The Great Gatsby is still an American treasure to this very day.

They still speak to us, not just on the things that we see, but the things that we feel deep down inside. It doesn’t really matter what our material conditions are, what styles of cars we drive, what kind of houses we live in, and what food we eat. It’s this ability to communicate with people on a deep, profound, and timeless level that is the essence of a great novel.

If you’ve mastered the art of the hot sex chat, you would realize that it’s really all about communicating on a deep and profound level. It’s not just about teasing. It’s not just about getting the person excited. It’s also about communicating deep and personal truths that make sense to that person on an emotional level which then translates to deeper levels of personal truth.

I mean, it’s not obvious but there’s enough there, so that if you are a butting novelist you can practice this type of communication and then apply it to other types of communication because the raw fundamentals are still the same. The bones are still there. It’s just that the flesh is different.

If you’re able to see the structures and you practice it in any kind of interpersonal interaction, your skills as a novelist get honed and you become better at sensing personal realities and expressing that on the printed page.

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